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December 12, 2012
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Grayson Patrick by Tryxal Grayson Patrick by Tryxal
Name: Grayson Romy Patrick
Age: 16
Birthday: January 29th
House: Slytherin
Year: 5th

Blood status: Halfblood
Nationality: Scottish-Italian

Physical description-
Weight: 130
Hair Color: Strawberry-Blonde
Eye Color: Gray-Green
Skin: Tan
Birthmarks/Scars: He's got freckles and moles aaaall over his body. No big scars, just little ones for childhood accidents.
Piercings: 2 in each ear. Hip dermals on each side. And his nipples. For reasons I don't even know x'D (And he'd like to get both his tongue and his belly button pierced.)

Personality: Grayson is an odd one. He's clever but foolish, rushing into ideas head first with complete and utter faith that it's not going to blow up in his face. And a good amount of the time, the only reason it doesn't is because he's a damn lucky little thing. He gets bored easy and loses interest in your average day to day activity within minutes. But magic is the one thing he can really focus on. It keeps him on his toes, no matter what he's doing and he's determined and sometimes just plain stubborn when it comes to getting it right.

He's passionate and open and genuine to anyone close enough to get past the look of an annoying little kid who likes potions and Care for Magical creatures just a little too much. Grayson doesn't have many friends. close friends anyway. Not from lack of trying, he simply waits to find that perfect friend that he can sink his claws into and never /ever/ let go. Someone who can handle the constant turning of ideas flowing through Grayson's head.

His temper has a bit of a bite. Normally he's smart enough to walk away and not open his mouth. But there are times when his anger runs away with his common sense and he'll say things that he doesn't mean or at the very least, meant to keep in his head. Most of the time he's got enough sense to apologize before he causes too much damage.

- Sour candies
- Peanut butter. Especially peanut butter frosting.
- Potions
- Divination/tarot cards
- Animals/ Care for magical creatures
- Little kids / babysitting
- The Holidays. best time ever.
- Flying
- Drawing. kinda. mainly just doodling swirls on himself and his books x'D

- Transfiguration :I
- Charms :I
- Cold. :I
- Being alone.
- Simple minded people.
- Early mornings... or any time before lunch.

Quirks/Habits: He likes to play with his own hair as much as he likes people playing with it. A LOT. It's just a habit to twirl the little curls around a finger. He also has a habit of drawing little swirling designs on himself and his books. Especially when he has a gelpen near by. And when stressed out, he's got a habit of sucking his thumb that he's been trying to quit since he was little.

Fears: He maaaay be a little afraid of the dark. x'D okay. more than a little fear.

Preferred Future Occupation: Grayson: ..... ummmmmmmmmmmmm.....


FAMILY: Grayson was born in Scotland to muggleborns Alice Patrick and Lucio (Patrick) Moretti. He is the middle child 5, all of which are boys. Grayson's oldest brother is 23 and his youngest is 7. He grew up with knowing a decent amount about the magical world, having two wizard parents and older brothers that attended Drumstrang. However he didn't much like the idea of going to a school where he was going to live in his brothers' and father's shadow. So. Unlike them, he decided to go to Hogwarts, where his mother was taught instead.

HOGWARTS: Grayson was eager to get started in magic the moment he saw his mother cast her first spell in front of his eyes. So /finally/ being at a school where it was not only alright to use magic, it was required, was just heaven... until he found out that he couldn't just go around casting spells wherever he wanted...

So to make up for it he dove into books and things that didn't need his wand to work. Magical things like potions and care for magical creatures and Divination. He quickly became much /much/ better at those few classes than any others. But once he was finally old enough to start doing some of the tougher spells, is obsession with the wandless forms of magic continued. By this year, his 5th year, he's far more talented in potions than he probably should be. As for things like Transfiguration and Charms? He's got a hard time passing them. After a certain point he's given up thinking he can be good at /every/ form of magic.

Butternut, 11'', Core: Fwooper & Hippogriff Feathers.
Pet: White rat named Little Miss
Broom: Nimbus
Would-be-Quidditch position:
Patronus(/Would be animagus): European Mink
Sexuality: Homosexual
Summer Job: babysitting. loooots of babysitting.

(January 20 - February 18)
the Water Bearer. Fixed, air, yang - planetary rulers: Saturn and Uranus. Keywords: "I KNOW"

Aquarius is the eleventh house of the Zodiac and rules the circulatory system, shins, and ankles. Positive traits include brilliance, innovation, individuality, openness, social consciousness, inventiveness, practical skill, and self assertion; negative traits are eccentricity, lack of attachment to people and the "real world," over-intellectualizing of the emotions, a crotchety temper, rigidity, intellectual arrogance, and stubbornness.

Slytherin Aquarians are lucky. They have inner drive, determination, and great ambition; they also have brilliance, cleverness, and an almost total disregard for "what everybody thinks," which means they can go for their dreams without caring if other people mock them or consider them strange. More introverted and full of social conscience than the average Slytherin, these wizards are easily overlooked socially (by fools), although they excel in the classroom and eventually become great wizards indeed. They are stubborn and will not back down without a fight if challenged.


WOOT! he's finally done! i've been staring at his info for practically a week x'DD

Grayson (c) :icontryxal:
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